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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Thinking of pulling an all-nighter? Why you should sleep instead

More sleep AND better grades? It’s not too good to be true—take the eight-hour sleep challenge during finals week to give your test scores a boost.

Quiz: What type of exercise should you do?

Feel the urge to get moving but can’t decide what type of exercise to do? Use this flowchart to make the decision for you.

Drinking to cope? What to do if alcohol is becoming an issue

Loneliness, anxiety, and other challenging emotions can cause many of us to turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism. Learn how to tell if you’re drinking too much, plus healthy coping strategies for tough times.

Easy one-pot ramen with an Alfredo twist

We don’t all have time to cook. That’s why quick, easy, and delicious recipes are essential! This Alfredo ramen noodle dish is all that and more.

Tackle your to-do list with a game of Productivity Bingo

Need a little motivation to get your boring chores done or schedule in time for self-care? Try a game of Productivity Bingo! It makes crossing off all those to-dos a little more fun.

5 tips to be more eco-friendly on Earth Day (and all year round)

Earth Day is April 22nd. Here are 5 ways to be more eco-friendly. As a bonus, these tips might help you save time and money too.

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